Our Fruit & Vegetable  Boxes

Delivering around the Nottinghamshire & Lincolnshire Area

Fruit Box

A great mix of fresh favourites and delicious seasonal fruits all to give you a tasty and colourful box. With plenty of products in this box you wont be short of a healthy snack or dessert.


Jam packed box of different vegetables, standard items such as potatoes and carrots will always be included. With some tasty greens to accompany these, this box is full of fresh, flavoursome and healthy vegetables.

£30.00 available on subscription


Salad Box

Our salad box offers a good choice of crunchy delights to create an enhanced salad, with many seasonal variations to accompany juicy tomatoes and refreshing cucumbers. Your spoilt for choice with this amazing mix of colours and textures.


REDUCED PLASTIC Mixed Fruit Salad & Vegetable Mix



A myfresh.delivery favourite and recommendation. This box is packed with fresh, flavoursome produce all produced on our great island of Britain. This box represents our company at its best, local grown produce from a family business, delivered by a family business, to a family. Everything in this box is seasonal and can all change with the weather, however the joy is that we have so much choice to include in this box. To thoroughly appreciate the wide variety grown in fields near you, buy this box this summer

£20.00 available on subscription

Our most popular box. This family favourite contains a wide variety of fresh fruit, vegetables and salad. Often containing something a little extra special, this box provides plenty of ingredients. You’ll be spoilt for choice as to which meal you will cook next.

£30.00 available on subscription

£25 Keto Diet Box

Our keto box contains a combination of ingredients and the best seasonal produce designed to complement each other, while still offering a variety of flavours. While staying under 20g a carb per day!!

£25.00 available on subscription

Build Your Own Box

Dont want a set box? No problem, build your own!

This box is a virtual shopping experience. Click through the list adding the items you desire, giving you a totally unique box to your needs.